Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite For A Peaceful Child Care

You must be concerned about your newborn baby and will go beyond limits to keep the baby safe and sound. This is what the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite does. As there are various times when you will have to stay away from your baby, like when you are sleeping at night when you want to use the washroom and many other instances when your baby will be out of your sight for some time. This is when you will need a monitoring device on your baby to detect motions and to keep you in constant touch with the condition of your baby. The baby is a very important phase of the parent’s life and thus to buy a simple Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor to monitor or check the safety and health of your baby constantly, is a good piece of advice and it is important that every parent follows this methodology.



When babies are considered, Angelcare has come up with the best product for baby monitoring and considering the features of the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite you will be amazed once you have this kit at your place.

Specifications/ features 

The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite has got varying features and advantages and some of the specifications are jotted down in this article. When baby monitors have considered this monitor is the most preferred product as it is an award-winning product dedicated to detecting the movement of your baby.

  • The product weighs only 3.6 pounds, which is light enough.
  • It comes with a sensor pad which is the most beneficial feature of this product. The sensor pad detects the slightest movement of your baby and thereby denoted you the soundness of your baby.
  • The portable parent unit provided is easy to use and has a good range. Besides this device can be used to constantly detect the sound in your baby’s room. Besides being colorful the parent unit is able to detect the nursery temperature.

Positive points

The most discussed positive points about the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite are as mentioned below.

  • The parent unit is easy to use, portable and is easily rechargeable.
  • Nursery light provided with the product to guide you through the night.
  • Another range indicator is provided to indicate you that you have reached beyond the limit of reception.


There are no such cons to this product and the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite has been the most discussed product in the market. The only thing to keep in mind is that the same sensor pad is not applicable for multiple babies and there you will need to compromise and buy another sensor pad.

Market Feedback/ customer review/Verdict

The market reviews have been tremendously positive and people have rated the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, AquaWhite far beyond expectations. The product is a great success and the other features that are provided along with happen to suit the needs of the parents.

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