Body Pillow for Pregnancy: What You Should Know?

Body Pillow for Pregnancy: What You Should Know?

Almost all pregnant women will complain about having sleeping problems and the doctor will just tell them that this is pretty normal. That could be right, but having no sleep could be a big problem for you to worry about so as much as possible, you may want to know the different things you can do to at least lessen your problem and have a good night sleep.

Well, you may want to get started in knowing the perfect sleeping position for you which is the side sleeping. This could be really comfortable and will help you to stay relax and sleep. But, to have a better and more comfortable sleep, your doctor might also recommend for you to use the body pillow for pregnancy.

However, before you buy body pillow for pregnancy, there are more things you have to know and understand about this.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

The pregnancy pillow may refer to the kind of pillow that is designed in order to give support to all pregnant woman who are having a hard time in sleeping. This is also commonly known to most as maternity pillows. There is a lot of body pillow for pregnancy that is available in the market which could be perfect for the needs of a pregnant woman.

Why Not Use Regular Pillow?

When you are using a regular pillow, you can still have the support and relief that you need to at least sleep for the night, but this won’t be as comfortable as you want it to be. If you are used to sleeping on your back or on your stomach, you will surely have a hard time sleeping with the new position. But, the problem with regular pillows is that it would not help you in shaping your body correctly and would not provide the right support that you need to have.

Though, there are some times that you may find real comfort to a regular pillow, if that is fine with you, then you can just stick with it. Unfortunately, there are some women who will not have a good luck on this and may be required to have a body pillow for pregnancy that will give them the most comfortable night they need.

Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

If you are having doubts and second thoughts if you should get body pillow for pregnancy or not, then there are some things you have to know about it. There are some women who have chosen to make use of this while there are others who have been successful without it. To know the answer to your question, there are some signs that you have to look for and know if this is really the right choice for you to have.

    A collection of Pillows – You may find yourself having a lot of pillows around the bed, just for you to become comfortable and surely, your husband would not have enough space to sleep at.

    Waking up with a pain – if you are experiencing pain in your hips, pelvis, lower back when you are waking up in the morning then this is a sign that the regular pillow is not good for you to trust anymore.

    Tummy or back sleeper – if you are one of those women who are used to sleeping on their back and tummy, you may surely prefer this because it could make you have the best and most comfortable experience you want.

    Medical conditions – if you are suffering from some medical condition like Sciatica, it is greatly recommended for you to use pregnancy pillow because that will help you to stay relax.

The Difference of Body Pillow and Pregnancy Pillow

The pregnancy pillows are specifically designed in order to support the body of a pregnant woman, especially that they are having changes in their shape and size. This kind of pillow will tend to have contours and curves while the common body pillows are straight and long. Though there are people who will find the use of body pillow to be comfortable for them, there are others who will prefer the unique share of the pregnancy pillow. In the end, you will be the one to decide if this could be the right choice for you or not.