Best Body Pillow During Pregnancy

Finding the Best Body Pillow During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a challenging venture in every woman’s life and using a best body pillow during pregnancy would help you get through it with ease. From feeling nauseous to being emotionally distraught and managing weird body aches, pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically exhausting experience for most women.

Women tend to be extra sensitive during this and while the food cravings might calm the nerves for a while, nothing can compare the comfort and console of a body pillow during pregnancy. During the second trimester, most women feel healthy and energetic however the growing belly and an achy muscle make it very difficult to sleep through the night and it is high time to start looking for one of the best body pillows during pregnancy. Let me help you to decide what would you find and how you should select the best for you…

Why Do You Need A Body Pillow During Pregnancy?

Now you must be thinking that why you should need a body pillow? The second trimester of pregnancy is associated with a lot of pain and stress all over the body. The increasing weight and growing belly are stressful for body muscles and women might feel stress In neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet particularly. Sleeping through the night becomes difficult and in some cases impossible because it is hard to find a comfortable position that could soothe your body altogether. Women, in general, don’t realize the importance of body pillows and tend to resort to other, less secure methods of coping with pain and managing sleepless nights. Using a best body pillow during pregnancy can act as a support to the growing belly and can relieve the stretching muscles and achy body.

Choosing The Best Body Pillow During Pregnancy:

Each pregnancy is different and unique in its own way and so are the needs. There is the variety of pregnancy body pillows available in the market that varies in terms of shape, size, texture and usability. If you are looking to buy a pregnancy pillow, you must first determine your needs and find out which shape could give you most comfort, ease your pain and help you sleep through the night. You can use regular pillows to get into a comfortable position; this could help in choosing the shape and size of your best body pillow during pregnancy.

* Variety of Body Pillows Available:

Wedge Pillows:

Pregnancy wedge pillows are small, side pillows to support the growing belly during the third trimester. During pregnancy, it is recommended to sleep on the side rather than lying on the back but sleeping on your side can cause a lot of stress to your neck, shoulders and knees. Wedge pillows act as a support to the growing belly and ease the stress from your shoulders and knees. They can also be kept between the knees to support the downward belly pressure. The small size makes them travel-friendly and takes up less space so your partner doesn’t have to sleep on the couch.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows:

The C-shaped pregnancy pillows are particularly designed for people with back and neck aches. The long part of the pillow is fixed around your back to provide it support and relieve muscular stress. The top and lower ends of the pillow are curled around your neck and legs respectively to ease the overall body pressure. The C-shaped pillows can also be used by placing the long end against your belly so if you are switching sides at night it will support your back as well as belly and keep you from lying on your back. They are bigger in size as compared to wedge pillow and you might need a large bed or a separate couch to sleep on with them.

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows:

These are full- body pillows designed to support your back and belly at the same time. The U-ends of the pillow are curled around your neck and knees and you can fix your whole body into it comfortably. If the material and texture of the pillow is soft and fluffy, they can be your best sleeping partner during pregnancy. The U-shaped position can take up all stress from your body and help you sleep at ease. The only drawback is the size and you will need extra space to sleep with a U-shaped pregnancy pillow.

The texture, material and fill of body pregnancy pillows also make a lot of difference. The filling of the body pillow makes them flexible and easier to fit around your body shape. The filling is usually of wool, polyester and memory foam. If you are hypo-allergenic, you must choose from the organic variety of best body pillows during pregnancy.

Choosing the best body pillow during pregnancy can be a difficult task, but once you have found the right pillow for your needs you will be able to sleep well through the night and a well rested night will build up your energy levels to get through the day happily. Remember sleeping well is also very important for your baby’s health so make a decision today.