How To Detect Symptoms Of Breathing Difficulties In Babies?

Is your little one suffering from frequent cases of breathlessness? There are many ways you can check for some of the common distress signals. See if he/she is taking any raspy breaths and that too at an abnormally fast pace. Try looking for hoarseness in the voice when your baby is crying or making other sounds. Observe if the chest retracts too much and the nasal flares peculiarly. When the baby is asleep or lying quietly, you can try to detect sounds of wheezing which resembles continuous and coarse whistling. This is a common sign when the baby suffers from a lung disease or airway blockage. Babies suffering from breathing problems develop paucity of oxygen in the body which consequently result in their skin, nails and lips turning blue.

Sounds too much?  You are not a nurse. All these symptoms are complicated and you may not be able to follow every little development due to lack of time.

In such cases, you can take the help of machines as well. Get a baby breathing monitor to catch the symptoms more easily. This technology has gone under innovations and nowadays you can monitor your baby’s health, even if you are at a distance from your child with a cloud baby monitor. The readings which are transmitted from the main device’s detectors by low power Bluetooth can even be seen on the internet via your smart phone.

The devices are attached to the pulse and you can get the readings any time you want. The baby wears the machine while sleeping, mostly as a sock or on the tummy which works on the principle of pulse oximetry. There are mats available as well, and are made of advanced optic fibers having the ability to detect the baby’s breathing. They sense with the help of lights, but usually don’t use electrical energy in that process. Hence, baby breathing monitor is a non invasive procedure. Some mats have one or multiple sensor pads under them. They are connected to detectors or control units which are strategically placed between the mattress and bed’s foundation.


Along side breathing, heart rates and oxygen levels may also be monitored. There are alerts for unsafe values of a parameter, how quickly it changes and for how much time does it stay there. The devices effectively detect the levels of breathing i.e. fast, slow or lack of it. The data usually come up in codes which infer the different levels. Best rated baby monitors sound an alert if the baby’s oxygen saturation dips suddenly to below 85%, breaths become nearly 10 per minute or maintain a low range for an unacceptable amount of time and when breathing cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds.

The information is sent by cloud baby monitor when requested for or automatically at regular intervals via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the smart phone or computer. It is also uploaded to cloud so that the family members can check them from anywhere and rush to the baby when there is any reason to worry. Best rated baby monitors even keep the breath wave and data log of your little one.

There are many sizes available, so buy according to your baby’s size else it won’t even fit and there would be erroneous readings. They are generally for infants under one year age. Also, there are models available which allow the parents to see their babies. If the baby moves out of his/her cot, an alert is sounded. Some models remind the parents to provide food for their children. These help when you can’t be by the side of the cot all the time. They can also play audio music mp3 format like lullabies to make the child fall fast asleep. They can sense the temperature and allow real time communication between the parent and the baby; the parent would be the only one speaking though!

These devices may or may not be accepted as a medical device in your country and usually come with guarantees and are economically priced. The best rated baby monitors help you see real time video of the babies and are priced higher. They work mainly on alkaline/lithium batteries and should be charged periodically. Make sure to replace worn out batteries. Also, provide the permissions for accessing the data to a few relatives or neighbors for monitoring the child on cloud with the help of a private setting. Also, you may need to download an app on your Smartphone for access to the data.

Making your baby wear cloud baby monitor will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to check the breathing 24 hours. The user manual contains guides to detect reasons behind false alarms or wrong readings, if any. You should also perform daily sensitivity checks to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Make certain you don’t buy corded monitors as they might strangulate the baby.

Does your child get frequent fever? Are there recurrent occurrences of flu or nasal congestion? There may be some underlying condition related to breathing problem. Your baby might be suffering from diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, etc., which should be treated as fast as possible. The breathing monitor is just a device for home use. Don’t consider its readings as the final word. Do get a pediatrician’s advice.

There are just too many people worrying about sudden infant deaths. For single parents, it becomes so much more difficult to keep any eye on their cutie pie’s breathing all the time. With best rated baby monitors as assistance, you too can get some sleep after a hard day. You can continue getting the data even if there is no electricity. This device is a safe option for a baby as it is independent of the smart phones and sends data to a detector which is connected by means of signals to the phone. Carry them anywhere as they are light, portable and handy. Buy baby breathing monitor and become tension free – observe your child from wherever you are.

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