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Maternity Body Pillow: Knowing Your Options

There could be a number of maternity body pillow that you can find in the market and you are free to choose the best and the right one for you. There could be different styles, shapes, and sizes and you have to know which of it will be perfect for your preferences and needs.

 But, before anything else, it will be more convenient for you to have the better idea on the different options you have. In this article, you will be guided on that. Make sure to know the pros and cons of each and find the best for you.

This kind of pillow is obviously, a wedge. This could be used in order to slide on your stomach or your back which provides a better support that you need in order to have a good night sleep. The pregnancy wedge pillow is known to be the cheapest kind of maternity body pillow that is available in the market and this still could be used, even after your delivery. Because of the style and look of it, you can manage to use it as a regular pillow in your living room.

This Kind Of Pregnancy Pillow Could Be Used For The Following Purposes:

  • Under your stomach – with the help of the wedge, it will be able to help in supporting your stomach and keep your weight from your hips and back.
  • Behind your back – if you are someone who loves to turn and toss around on the bed, then you can make use of the wedge for you to have the best comfortable position for sleeping on your side.
  • Under your pillow – this could help for you to elevate your head, which could be perfect if you are experiencing heartburn or is having problems in breathing.

There are mothers who will also use this kind of maternity body pillow in order to help them in holding the bottle of water or the heat pack that is being put on their side.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow: Advantages & Disadvantages

This can be really perfect because of the price and it will not take much to your bed. However, this could only help to support the small part of your body and you may still need to have a head pillow to get started on this.

Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

On the other hand, full-length pregnancy pillow would be the perfect fit to the length of your own body. This kind of maternity body pillow is always long and straight. Most of the women will choose this if they totally love cuddling because it could help in providing the support that their tummy needs more than the other kinds of pregnancy pillows out there.

With the use of this maternity body pillow, there is no need for you to have lots of regular pillows on the side of your body. The main advantage of this is that you can only have one pillow to use that will take much space in the bed. So, your husband could still have some good amount of space to use and be comfortable at your side.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillow: Advantages & Disadvantages

This will help you in supporting your whole body when sleeping and there is no need for you to have a pillow in your hand. But, you can expect that it will take much space in your bed and is not ideal for people who are used to sleeping on their backs.

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

The last on the list is the most common choice for pregnant women who are totally having a hard time in sleeping. This will help in wrapping their body and provide the maximum support it needs. This could be around 5 to 6 ft. which covers up the whole body of the user of it.

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow: Advantages & Disadvantages

This is considered as the most supportive pillow for all pregnant women and there is no need for you to have a separate pillow for your head. But, this could be totally big and bulk and could accommodate your whole bed. With those benefits, you can expect that this could be the most expensive in this list.


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