Snuza Baby Monitor

Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero – That can Keep Your Baby Safe

The Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero is one of the best sellers in the market for baby movement detection and it is quite easy to handle and simple to use. The many functionalities of this product makes it the most positively reviewed baby monitors.


The Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero is one of its own kind devices with motion detector and alarm parameters. The unique product is portable and can be switched anywhere near your baby. Also, the sensitivity of the product is far better than those found in the other products. The main purpose of this device is to keep the parents in constant touch with your baby. This is to say that if the baby movements are not detected, then the alarm goes off. This is what adds to the beauty of this product and almost every parent of a newborn baby child prefers this product. This can be very beneficial during nights as when parents are sleeping it is hard for them to monitor their baby and thus to know their current condition and health they can rely on this product.

Specifications/ Features

The Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero is quite a simple product and very easy to handle and monitor. There are various parameters and alarms which are provided to the device which can go off any tie the baby movements are not detected. The beneficial features of this product are as mentioned below:

Light in weight, weighing around 31 grams per unit.

The noise level of the alarm is around 85 db which is far more than enough to detect even when the parents are sleeping.

Battery monitored device with a battery of 3.6V lithium battery.

The material used in the manufacturing of this product is FDA approved and as per the standards.

Positive Points

Some of the positive points about this product are that the Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero is one of the simplest devices available for baby movement monitoring. The following are some of the positive points about this product.

The package that it comes in is quite small and can be easily fitted onto the baby’s diapers as well.

The device is portable. It can be moved from one place to another. It becomes quite useful when you want to take your baby out, during travelling or even at home.
Quite a simple device and very easy to use.


The cons about the Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero are not much and considering the pros the cons can be discarded. The only thing that matters is that there might be few false alarms with the product. However, it is said that better to be safe than sorry, so the device works like a charm.

Market Feedback/ Customer Review/Verdict

The market reviews of the product have been drastically positive and people have blessed the Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero for its quality and performance. Most of the customer reviews are along with the product while there have been no negative feedback so far.

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