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Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Support And Feeding Pillow

Everyone knows that Pregnancy is the most sensitive period of any woman’s life. And that’s why Boppy total body pregnancy pillow is a “must to have” during this period. It is because a Woman’s body goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes during this period and they need a lot of moral and physical support to get through this delicate phase of life.

As the pregnancy approaches towards the final trimester, the growing belly and an overall weight gain makes any kind of physical activity all the more difficult. Even resting and sleeping is challenging and getting a good night’s sleep can be a long hard battle.

To ease the pain and let women have a healthy pregnancy, manufacturers have developed various products and Boppy Total body pregnancy pillow is one such product. A lot of women have been using it throughout their pregnancies and claimed to have achieved better sleep patterns with this pillow. Now, why do am I recommending this product for you? The answer follows below:

Boppy Total Body Pregnancy support and feeding pillow is designed to provide physical support to women during their sleep and help them have a full night’s sleep as sleep deprivation can directly affect the baby’s health and might cause pregnancy complications. Keeping in mind the importance of sleep for pregnant women, this pillow has been designed with a team of physical therapists. 

Therapists have given special importance to the high-stress areas of a woman’s body that undergo a lot of physical pressure and pain during the third trimester. The Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow provides support to the neck and shoulders which get strained because of the growing belly. It also eases the leg and hip pain and supports the belly while lying on the side.

Therapists have given special importance to the high-stress areas of a woman’s body that undergo a lot of physical pressure and pain during the third trimester.

The boppy total body pregnancy pillow is a customizable set of three pillows that can be attached together to one long pillow or used separately as per the body requirements. The three separable pieces of Boppy total body pillow are designed under the context of physical therapists and each pillow serves its own special purpose.

The Neck and Shoulder Support:

The upper part of the pillow is designed to support head neck and shoulders. The material and fill of the boppy total body pillow are soft and flexible hence, it can easily adjust itself against your body. If you have neck or shoulder pain then Boppy total body pillow is a great choice. You can use it in combination with the belly support to ease off your upper body limbs and support your belly for side sleeping.

The Belly Support:

The belly support of the Boppy total body pregnancy is designed and textured to specifically support your back or belly during the pregnancy. You can use it alongside your belly when you are sleeping on side or keep it along your back. It will ease your back pain also keep you from lying on your back while sleeping. The belly support is designed according to the belly size so it is not too big an bulky. It can also be used as a feeding pillow during the post-natal days.

The Hip and Leg Support:

This is the longest part of the Boppy total body pregnancy pillow and is used to support the hips and legs. It is long enough to go along the ankles and keeps them in a rested posture. This part helps a lot in relieving the hip pain and lessens the frequency of leg cramps to a greater extent. When used along with the belly pillow it can support and relax your lower limbs and ensures a peaceful night sleep.

Some of The Basic Features of Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Are:

  • It is designed under the supervision of physiotherapists.
  • It is Customizable and detachable.
  • The texture and fill of the pillow are soft and flexible.
  • It can be easily washed in the machine.
  • It can be used as a feeding pillow after delivery.
  • It can ensure side sleeping.

The Boppy total Body pregnancy pillow is famous because of its Customizable and detachable nature. You can use all three pieces together or in a combination of two. It is not necessary to attach the parts together when using them so you can easily move them along your body. Now you know what you can expect from this body pillow and you can try it out without any hesitation and problems.


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