Body Pillow For Pregnancy

How To Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable Use a Body Pillow For Pregnancy

I got introduced to the product called the body pillow for pregnancy during my first pregnancy and it changed the way moms-to-be sleep during these days amazingly. As far as I remember, my first pregnancy pulled me through mixed feelings and experiences as I proceeded with the three trimesters of my maternity. It was amazing to become a mother as well as challenging for me. And I can say that all first-time moms go through such a time.

During and after my first pregnancy, I came to know lots of stuff that could have helped me if I knew it earlier. But I used my knowledge when I went through my second maternity experience. Let me share you my experiences and how I got through them and help the new moms-to-be. See how I made myself feel easy to carry all the stress and strain without getting exhausted and overcome all of my problems caused by physical changes during pregnancy.

Problems That Will Be There For Every Expectant Mom:

It’s quite obvious that stepping into motherhood is not a straightforward and easy part of a female’s life; rather, this journey involves huge changes in your practical life right from the start when you conceive, and these changes grow more complicated as you proceed through the three trimesters. At the start of the pregnancy, the physical changes that arise may include nausea, morning sickness, dizziness, or sometimes little headache. You may lose your appetite or start craving to eat one thing only. But these conditions fade away a little bit when you cross your first trimester.

After that, what I experienced at the end of the second trimester and the start of the third one was to gain weight quickly, which can cause to exert more pressure on bones, especially joints like the knees and backbone. This pressure carries on to build up as you proceed through the last trimester. You may also start feeling uncomfortable lying on one side and may not be able to turn to the other side. As the fetus grows and gains weight it is hard for mothers to take a nap or sleep in a straight position. And it’s a fact that taking enough rest is necessary for both the mother and the developing fetus.

My problem was an extreme pain in my knees and cramps I felt in my backbone, and I was unable to sleep even for an hour. The best way to find a solution was to consult your doctor and that’s what I did.

What She Suggested Was:

  • check
    Sufficient amount of water
  • check
    A food supplement
  • check
    Regular walks
  • check
    Light exercise (ask your doctor)
  • check
    And for better sleep a body pillow

If You Don’t Know What Is a Pregnancy Body Pillow?

A body pillow is a soft and flexible pillow made of soft cotton cover and filled with fluffy material in a shape that supports your whole body. So in that way you can give support and comfort to the parts of your body that feel stressed out or burdened.

Now finding the right body pillow is also very important because there are a lot of body pillows available in the market and you have to be very cautious in choosing the right one.

Firstly, you should be aware of what types of body pillows are present in the market:

Comfortable Use a Body Pillow For Pregnancy

Different Shapes:

What I found during my search for a body pillow is that there are commonly five basic types of body pillows especially made for maternity use. This include:

  • Basic body pillows
  • Wedged
  • U-shaped
  • C-shaped
  • And bean-shaped body pillows for pregnancy

These different shapes are meant to support different parts of the body where it’s needed.

Now if you need a perfect pillow that will help you comfort your painful body areas, then you should be able to sort out your “sore spots” in your body. After that, you will be able to find the right one for you.

Here Is How You Should Find The Right One:

If you need to support your lower back and belly, then you can opt to get a basic type of pregnancy pillow that consists of a two long pillows attached to each other and flattened in the middle, which effectively comforts the mother while sleeping between the pillows.

If you need to get extra support for your belly, then you should be getting a “wedged body pillow.” Such a pillow will have extra support for your belly by making a wedge shaped bump on it.

In case you have problems while sleeping like sleeping on one side or feeling pressure on one side, or even back pain and painful cramps in your joints, you can choose to get a C-shaped body pillow for pregnancy. This type of pillow covers a C-like position and is long enough to be centered in your knees. It will help you support your neck, back, and knees. You can keep it between your knees to help comfort your joints. It just makes you feel like sleeping in a soft, comfortable lap.

Another option available for you is to get a U-shaped body pillow. It’s a rather long and full-sized body pillow that will easily get fit between your legs and you can easily support your neck, backbone, knees, and baby bump by resting your whole body on it.

Bean-shaped pregnancy pillows are also designed to provide a little extra support to the belly and make you feel comfortable with lifting the belly for support and comfort. Further, such a pillow will cover your back and neck in an easy position so that you can feel comfortable while sleeping.

There are also all-purpose maternity body pillows. These pillows are designed to comfort you through extra support to your backbone as well as knees, they also have a design in which one side of the pillow is a bit longer than the upper side where you keep your head. In this way, there is an open area that comes on the front side. Such a pillow is best to be used for new moms to feed their baby. These pillows are helpful in supporting the baby’s head in a perfect position to feed.


Tips For Buying An Quality Body Pillow:

Always buy a quality product and not just any body pillow.Some Things You Should Be

Considering While You Shop:

A Quality Cover

First, check the outer cover, and see if it’s made of soft cotton-based material. It’s better to have a cotton-based one because it should not give you to any sort of allergies or rashes.

Firm Stuffing

Then check out the stuffing. It should be stuffed properly with the best grade fiber that will not coagulate into hard pieces. You can check it by touching into the pillow and pushing it to see if it has sufficient fiber to maintain its shape and not lose its supportive action. Never buy a pillow that is loosely stuffed because such a product would not last long and won’t help you long term.

Proper Size

You should be considering the size of the pillow you need. It’s important because if you choose the wrong size, it would be a waste of your money as you would not get the results that you need.

Tips To Use a Body Pillow To Get The Best Results

After you have selected the correct body pillow that has the appropriate size and design the next step is to learn to use it correctly. Although it’s important to know that getting it placed correctly and get adjusted with it would take a little time, but if you have got it right it will help you achieve amazing comfort while you sleep.

Assuming That You Have An All-Purpose Pregnancy Pillow:

  • check
    First place the pillow on the bed
  • check
    Then lie down in a way that the shorter part is under your neck and the long region goes through your legs.
  • check
    Place the longest part in between your knees
  • check
    Then put the tail region right under your belly
  • check
    The detached part should end up right in front of your chest area
  • check
    Then grab the area running through your back to push it towards your backbone to help gain support properly.

Following these steps would help you adjust your pillow in the right direction.

How To Find The Best?

If you have gone through all the information I have shared here it would not be a difficult task to find the right pillow for you.It’s better to look for trusted retailers and sellers to help you get a quality product. You can find one by going to your nearby maternity shops. You can also find all great brands online (as I have done myself). But be sure not to buy a product that has no reviews or less positive reviews and is not being sold by a trusted seller. Always get one from top brands like

  • play-circle
  • play-circle
    Blowout bedding
  • play-circle
    And Boppy body pillows

All these brands offer high-quality body pillows and have an established trust with their customers around the world.


In conclusion, I hope you have gotten enough information regarding body pillows for pregnancy, their types, and tips for their use. I know it will help every mom-to-be to make their sleep cozy and comfortable without any pains and cramps. Just keep in mind what you need and how you can select the best from the many options by following all the tips I have given. You will definitely find your best match.