Can’t Get Enough Sleep? Know the Right Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

he Right Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

When you are pregnant, the most common problem that you will encounter is to sleep. It will be really hard for you to get enough sleep with your belly growing bigger and your baby keeps on moving inside. It also feels like your body is too heavy for you to move, and you will have a hard time to relax in the bed and get the sleep that you need. But, it is not really healthy for the pregnant woman to stay up late as they need to take rest as much as possible.

If you have been used to sleeping on your stomach, then you will surely have a hard time finding the right pregnancy sleeping positions that you should do. Sleeping on your stomach is a big no when you are pregnant as it may cause disorders to your baby as they will be sandwiched inside your body, and you would not want that to happen. So, the first thing you have to do now is to familiarize yourself with the different sleeping positions that are perfect for your needs.

It was already mentioned before that lying in your stomach is not good pregnancy sleeping positions, but sleeping on your back is also not a good idea. Once you have reached your fifth month, it will be totally hard for you to sleep on your back because it will put more pressure on your inferior vena cava and aorta. Those are the blood vessels that are running just behind your abdomen and is responsible for carrying blood to your heart coming from your feet and legs.

The pressure on those will result for you to have a very slow circulation of blood in your body and might affect your baby as well. Also, when you are sleeping with your back in the sheets, you will surely encounter problems in breathing and because the belly will push your intestines down, this might also cause for you to experience problems in your stomach.

If you are going to ask your doctor, he will surely tell you more about the right pregnancy sleeping positions that are ideal for you. Though, most of them will also explain that having a hard time sleeping is really normal to all pregnant woman out there. It is the best if you can also have the support of your husband on this and will help you to stay relax to at least keep your body calm, even if you can’t really take a rest and sleep.

Side Sleeping is the Best

When you are pregnant, one of an ideal pregnancy sleeping positions is for you to sleep on your side. This kind of position is more convenient and ideal as the force from your belly will be put on the bed, and not on any part of your body.

You will find this position to be more safe and comfortable as your tummy grows. If you are sleeping with your husband, and you are in the right position, the left side could be the right choice for you. This could help you to maintain the balance of your body, and surely your husband will want to cuddle with your baby in the middle though he is still inside your tummy.

Other Things to Know

On the other hand, there are also some other pregnancy sleeping positions that you can consider, depending on your own situation. Those are the following below:

If you would like to have better support for your back and belly, you can have a pillow in between your knees or under your tummy. This could help you to stay in your position and avoid from rolling in the bed if you are already asleep.

If you are having problems with breathing while you are sleeping, you can have a pillow on the side of your shoulders because it will be able to help you in raising up your chest and for you to have a more comfortable position in breathing.

If you are experiencing heart burns, you may want to have the head of the bed with some blocks and books. This could help in keeping the acid from your stomach.