What Baby Monitor Is The Best

What Baby Monitor Is The Best For Your Baby?

There are a lot of baby monitors available in the market, which may leave you confused. But before you decide what baby monitor is best, here are some basic parameters one has to keep in mind while browsing different models.

Babies can be very fussy and hence, the devices should be non-distracting and easily accepted by the child. The best ones are the devices attached to the socks as they cannot be easily removed by the baby. Also, sensors placed under mats may be a good option, though they may give you a flurry of heart attacks as they raise alarms when the baby moves or crawls out of the cot. Make sure that the data you receive is in real time so that you can react quickly to any alert.

Also, it’s very important to monitor how the signaling works between the connecting devices of the setup. If the data is sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the signals should have low power for baby’s safety. Also, if the machines play lullabies or night lights, the child stays contained.

Pay attention to the size of your baby. Will the device fit the baby? Can it hurt him/her or restrict the blood flow? Make sure your baby feels comfy. But don’t buy an ill-fitting one or would just get blank or erroneous data.

But according to the data you need to monitor like breathlessness, pulse, oxygen saturation, etc. Any abnormal value predicts a possible future health problem. Don’t compromise on the quality ’cause of a cheap price.

The child’s safety should be the first priority, so try to avoid corded devices which may strangle them. Avoid devices which are attached to uncomfortable things like tight belts, pokey mats, etc. The device should be made of a non-toxic and kid-friendly material. Make sure the device is not bulky. Also have a good knowhow of the working principle of it. Finally, compare the prices and know what baby monitor is best and buy.


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