How To Compare Before Buying A Baby Monitor

How To Compare Before Buying A Baby Monitor?

If you are apprehensive about your newborn baby’s health and planning to buy a baby health monitor, make sure you make a baby monitor comparison of all the parameters of the different models you have shortlisted.

First of all, try to grasp the process and principle behind the functioning of the device. Select the one which would provide the most comfort to your baby with respect to how he/she wears it and whether the signaling it uses is of low power or not. Ask yourself some basic questions. Does it use electricity, light/touch sensors made of optical fibers or are based on the rays of particular wavelengths and Wi-Fi. Do they measure the pulse? Some machines require the babies to be placed on them in a specific posture whereas others have to be worn on the feet in the form of socks or placed on their tummies. Also, decide whether you want a specific monitor or a general one, which provides values of breathing rate, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, etc. Do you want message alerts, light flashes or updates? Carry out a baby monitor comparison based on these qualities to aid in choosing.

You can also get options of additional sensors, video/audio two-way transmissions, automated playing from a storage chip, etc. Apart from the price, there are miscellaneous things one needs to consider. Avoid buying machines which are prone to false alarms due to too much sensitivity. Then there other devices which need too much force to detect. You should ask for demonstrations from the shops or salesmen to judge the quality. Clarify the hours it would work on fully charged batteries. Lithium battery operated devices are more preferred as they are easily charged and long-lasting. Corded machines are unsafe for babies as they might get strangled. Be sure, the app is supported by your Smartphone operating system and that the baby monitor has a warranty.

After deciding on what you want, it becomes easy to zero in on the desired product.


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